I have decided to create this interactive English website with local news, activities and assistance for all internationals & locals in the Varese-area!


What can you expect here?

  • News: what’s going on in Varese, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a news-site with local news but in English?
  • Activities: what events are upcoming and where do you need to go to get to know Varese better?
  • Assistance: where can I get help with […]? Has somebody else experience with […]? etc.


Do you want to help?

I am currently looking for editors, contributors who can help to create content, gather (and translate) interesting news and help to fill the website with tips and other useful information. So if you would like to help contact me directly or fill out the contact form here.


Do you want to sponsor/advertise?

I have personally done the initial investment to set this site up and to get it going but in order to keep it running and evolving on the long term I am looking to cover the expenses with sponsoring, donations and advertisements/advertorials. If you would like to contribute please contact me directly or fill out the contact form here.


Any other suggestions? Just let me know.